Meet the people behind the product

Behind every item is a person, and behind every person is a story. Here are some of the artisan communities we work with, and their stories.


Stardolls Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a cooperative based in St. Joseph, Caloocan that produces stuffed toys made out of upcycled materials. Operations used to be run by a congregation nuns, but over the last few years, the women have taken full control of their business. They make several types of stuffed toys for several clients now.

Heidie’s Crafts

Heidie’s Crafts is a cooperative, founded by Haydee Panhilason, based in Payatas, Quezon City comprised of mothers who do handicrafts to help support their families.


T’Boli Tribe

The T’boli are an indigenous tribe that reside in Lake Sebu, Mindanao. They produce embroidery, a type of weave called T’nalak, and brass items such as prayer bells, napkin rings, and accessories like pendants.


Hardin ng Kalikasan

Hardin ng Kalikasan is a women’s producers’ cooperative that began in 1997 situated in a barangay of Real, Quezon province. All members of this cooperative are all mothers. Hardin ng Kalikasan produces a variety of handmade papers, all individually made and locally sourced with replenishable materials, such as banana trunks, cogon grass, and coconut husks. Other products include handmade paper gift bags, greeting cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks, photo albums, jewelry, and a variety of soaps.


Lingkod ng Pagmamahal ng Saint Michael’s College of Laguna Foundation, Inc. also known as LINGAP-SMCL is a non-stock, non-profit foundation. They were founded in 2008 as part of a volunteer initiative held by the students and faculty members of St. Michael’s College of Laguna to help the surrounding underprivileged communities improve their state of living. Now, the mothers of the community work together to weave bags, clutches and pouches out of colourful cloths.

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, founded in 1973 by Belgian missionary Sr. Valerina Baert, ICM and disabled leaders and concerned citizens, is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government, and service-oriented organization based in Cainta, Rizal that provides education, on-the-job training, employment and skills training for persons with disability (PWDs). The Tahanang Walang Hagdanan center is devoid of stairways, which allows the PWDs on wheelchairs to move independently. The organization aims to decrease, if not eliminate the number of PWDs who turned beggars or are being used for entertainment.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC), founded in April 1975, is a non-stock, non-profit private special education center for individuals challenged by autism, down syndrome, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and other developmental conditions. The school provides rehabilitation programs (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology). They also offer vocational skills training in kitchen and workshop activities.


Pamana Pag-asa

Pamana Pag-asa Boni Producers Cooperative, founded by Editha Arimado and Ding Ayao, is a cooperative that provides livelihood opportunities for the urban poor families in the local community of Barangka Ibaba, Mandaluyong City. The cooperative crafts products made of upcycled materials.