Who we are

Gifts & Graces is a foundation that was created to bridge the gap between artisan communities and possible customers. We promote products made by active underprivileged communities throughout the Philippines. We help the communities tweak their products by designing them to be a little more trendy, and sell them at our stores, kiosks, and bazaars.

We help our partner communities by making use of Fair Trade practices. We do this by making sure our partners are upright individuals and organisations. To make sure they are able to work, we give them a downpayment for production so that they can use that to buy their raw materials. We also make sure that we are very transparent and open with our partner communities when it comes to discussions about the products.

Our main objective is to give a “hand up, not a hand out” to these communities. This means that instead of simply giving donations, we partner up with these communities and create a sustainable livelihood by marketing their products to a bigger crowd. We also empower them to be more creative and design and sell other products even outside our partnership, so that some day, they can work even on their own.


Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash the potential of Filipino women through authentic, thoughtful design. We connect Filipino artisans with consumers, while preserving and developing artisan skills and creating a base for sustainable social development.

Our Products

Gifts and graces handicrafts are beautifully and thoughtfully designed by artisan using traditional techniques, upcycled products, and are crafted by Filipino women from various communities around the country.


It starts with a great design and comes to life by unleashing the power of the local communities with the purpose of helping to establish economic sustainability for the artisan women.

Community Impact

Connecting Filipino Artisans with Consumers

We don’t just focus creating a product; we upgrade the products the artisans from our partner communities make by adding a design twist, and bring them to a platform where people can buy them. 

Giving Livelihood to Partner Communities

We work very closely with our community partners and see to it that we are able to help uplift them from poverty by continuously providing sustainable source of income through constant orders.

Women Empowerment

We focus on the women artisans in our partner communities because we strive to empower theses already hardworking individuals to become more confident in their skills, and to become more independent.

Artisan Training Programs

We provide workshops for our artisans to preserve and develop their artisan skills. We also provide training courses for them so that they have a better understanding on how pricing, production, and quality control works.